So just wanted to update everyone on what’s going on currently in our lives.

We found a church that we all love. Scioto Ridge United Methodist Church in Hilliard. They have a sweet girl who stays with Carter during Sunday school (and babysits for us, so we can have a date night). They also have an 8am service on Sundays so that I can still go to church even when on the weekends I work.

I just got offered a pharmacy manager position very close to home with hours that make it so we won’t need anyone to pick up or drop off Carter at school. I also met through a technician at a store I worked at once, who got me in contact with her sister who works with special needs kiddos and can help pick him up from school if needed.

Carter is finishing up his last week of Summer camp at Bridgeway next week. He has really enjoyed it. He was even a Bridgeway Summer All-Star for his great transition to the school. His behavior at home has been the best it’s even been and he seems a lot more content. He started speech at school earlier this month and they started PROMPT with him. The SLP has said he is already imitating noises, which he has never done before.

Oh and we just had family picture done. We try and do them around Carter’s birthday every year. Can’t believe he’s 6! Here is a couple of my favorites!

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