A question I’m sure every parent asks themselves at some point in their parenting journey. But I think as a special needs parent, you ask this a lot more – about a lot more things. As I look at all the Facebook feeds of kids starting their first day of school, I think back to all the events that got us to Ohio. I have been asked multiple times by multiple people when I’ve been floating to different stores why we moved all the way from Oklahoma to Ohio. Family? Jobs? And every time I explain the reason was for my son – for one particular school we fell in love with – they are always shocked and impressed that we would move away from everyone we knew, just for a school.

But parents of special needs kiddos know that services, especially good services for our kids are few and far between, and so difficult to get. I am already tired of the rigamarole of the state systems and I’ve only been doing this for a couple months. But in order to get everything our son needs, it needs to be done. I have fought my private insurance for years in Oklahoma and now it’s jumping through hoops to get services from the state and county. And although the work (and paperwork) is sometime daunting and tiresome, I will forever be grateful for the opportunities my son has because of these programs. Without them, we couldn’t have moved and continued to work. Without them, we couldn’t give our son what he needs to be successful.

Whenever I doubt, whenever I worry about the choices we’ve made, God is constantly reminding me that worry does me no good. To trust the path he is guiding me down. To trust Him. And time and time again, He is right. We have been waiting for service to be approved through the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities and got the letter a couple weeks ago saying he was approved but we would have to wait until we were assigned a service coordinator and able to meet with them before services would start. They said this would take at least 2 more months. I called 2 weeks after I sent in the consent for services, and received the name of our coordinator. I contacted with school with the information and they promptly called her and we are scheduled to meet with her tomorrow and for services to start Monday. Amazing right?!?

I told you a couple posts ago about my new position at work. It is overwhelming and stressful taking over a store that was not cared for properly. I have a lot of organization issues I need to fix and an extremely new staff (longest person has been there for 8 months). But everyday I ask God for help. That I can’t do this on my own, but I know he can.  Well, we have had a lot of new graduates getting licensed and looking for hours with not enough to go around. I believe God knew and had brought this opportunity so I wouldn’t need to stress about getting hours. I know that the road will not always be easy, but if I am following God’s plan, it will always be right. And God will be there every step of the way, helping with the load and guiding my path. My life is not my own, but His. And every decision I have made and given to God has always worked out. Maybe not in my way or in my time, but I always am able to see His hand working for good in my life.


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